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I’m not bossy – I’m the BOSS

You may have seen the words in my title all over the news. Yes it’s a quote from Beyonce as part of the “Ban Bossy” movement.

I am definitely one of those bossy girls they are talking about. My parents raised me to stand up for myself and be a leader. I would come home and express how the girls in school are doing this and that and how it sucked that I couldn’t do it. My parents would just say, “do you want to do what everyone else is doing or be a leader?” You can guess what my conclusion was.

I don’t remember being called bossy as a kid, however I have seen it a lot in my career. At my last job I was the subject of complaints for being “bossy.” And yes that is the exact word the adults I worked with used. I do have to thank my ex-boss for letting my colleagues know that he rather have someone on the team be bossy and be less liked, than a bunch of people stumbling around and not being able to make a decision. I am still learning the balance between being a leader and being liked. I realize that those two things don’t always intersect, but I would like to think that anything is possible.

As far as the movement goes, I agree that we need to teach the young generation of girls to be leaders. We need to show them that it is OKAY to be confident, make decisions, and speak up.

I have pledged to Ban Bossy. WIll you?

Pledge to Ban Bossy by clicking.

Top of the Rocky steps in Philadelphia….Like a BOSS!



We Built this City

So I have never done this, but since I am pretty new to blogging I have decided that I will explore all outlets. PLUS I love this topic, especially since I am a huge fan of the city where I grew up. Let the wordpress prompting begin! I currently live several miles away from West Los Angeles, however, I will be writing about that magical place because the memories that I have accumulated there are simply amazing.

What I love most about West Los Angeles…well that’s easy, it’s surrounded by greatness. To the west is Santa Monica and the Beach, to the South is Culver City and all of it’s culture, to the East is Downtown LA and all of it’s excitement of rebuilding and FOOD, and to the North is Beverly Hills/Brentwood/Bel Air and all of those fancy places. The city itself is a reminder of my years of growing up, from the malls, to the parks, to nights out on the town.

What I like the least is a bit tougher to find. I will use the best example I know…Parking! I guess that wasn’t so hard to come up with. The lack of parking can ruin any party. You learn to deal with it and of course the good outweighs the bad.

If I were a mayor…hmmm…good question. Well I would probably just have more community activities/festivals and ensure city beautification.

Yes I love my city.



We all have our addictions. Some addictions are more serious than others but they all give us a little high once we have gotten a fix.

My addiction is the “need to know.”

I log on to facebook/instagram to know what my friends and family are up to, I read and watch the news to see what’s going on in the world, and I talk to my family and friends for updates and gossip. Every bit of information is like a little high, a little excitement, something that makes life a little bit more interesting.

I am writing about addictions because that’s where my career path has led me. It makes me realize that no one is perfect, the grass is not usually greener and the most important things in life are acceptance and gratitude. Not to get all cliche on anyone but such is life.


That’s all. 



I thought I would give this whole blogging thing another try. I have had several blogs before including a personal blog, a career blog and a food blog…I love ALL of those things and decided I would combine them all into one. I am not the best writer, I don’t have the best grammar, however, I have a lot of opinions.

That being said…welcome to my insane brain full of wacky thoughts, crazy opinions, love of food, wine and crafts. My family and friends love me and that’s important. Of course I love them back and whole heartedly.

The title of my blog is Brain Teaser because I hope that I can make you think, decipher some of life’s puzzles, and have some fun.

Thank you and enjoy!