I’m not bossy – I’m the BOSS

You may have seen the words in my title all over the news. Yes it’s a quote from Beyonce as part of the “Ban Bossy” movement.

I am definitely one of those bossy girls they are talking about. My parents raised me to stand up for myself and be a leader. I would come home and express how the girls in school are doing this and that and how it sucked that I couldn’t do it. My parents would just say, “do you want to do what everyone else is doing or be a leader?” You can guess what my conclusion was.

I don’t remember being called bossy as a kid, however I have seen it a lot in my career. At my last job I was the subject of complaints for being “bossy.” And yes that is the exact word the adults I worked with used. I do have to thank my ex-boss for letting my colleagues know that he rather have someone on the team be bossy and be less liked, than a bunch of people stumbling around and not being able to make a decision. I am still learning the balance between being a leader and being liked. I realize that those two things don’t always intersect, but I would like to think that anything is possible.

As far as the movement goes, I agree that we need to teach the young generation of girls to be leaders. We need to show them that it is OKAY to be confident, make decisions, and speak up.

I have pledged to Ban Bossy. WIll you?

Pledge to Ban Bossy by clicking.

Top of the Rocky steps in Philadelphia….Like a BOSS!



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