Recap after a year long hiatus…

When I started this blog I promised myself to keep consistent. I guess life happens. Here is my attempt at a recap. I promise that I will not go this long without witty comments and interesting posts again…I hope.

2014 Highlights

This was a year full of family, weddings, new friends and new travel experiences. In 2014 I personally learned how to negotiate my wage, and keep growing in my career. The photo below is from a trip to Costa Rica, which was pure beauty!

2015 Highlights

In 2015 I took charge of my health! I ran my first half marathon and learned that anything is possible with hard work and perseverance. We say this when it comes to work, but it’s also true in our personal lives.

2016 Highlights

This year was truly magical! 

1. I was accepted to and started my doctorate program at THE University of Southern California (USC) fight on!

2. I married my best friend and amazing life partner. Together we are growing an empire!

3. My running journey has continued and I completed my very first full marathon. It was hard, it was painful, and I didn’t not reach my time goal. However, that journey taught me that you never give up, you keep going even if you have to crawl. I am officially a marathoner and look forward to completing many more!

And now we are in 2017! I always set goals and 2016 has outdone it self. In 2017 the goal is to travel more, and grow professionally. All of which are in the works!


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